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Down To Earth

Down To Earth


'Down To Earth' is Flight Facilities' debut album, which includes singles 'Two Bodies' feat Emma Louise, 'Sunshine' feat Reggie Watts, and 'Heart Attack' feat Owl Eyes

01. Intro
02. Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise
03. Sunshine feat. Reggie Watts
04. Waking Bliss
05. Stand Still feat. Micky Green
06. Apollo
07. Clair de lune feat. Christine Hoberg
08. Hold Be Down feat. Stee Downes
09. Heart Attack feat. Owl Eyes
10. Merimbula
11. Why Do You Feel feat. Bishop Nehru
12. Down To Earth
13. Crave You (Reprise) feat. Kylie Minogue
14. Crave You feat. Giselle